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What is your sample policy?

Can this drone be used with Makerfire VR008 or EV800D goggles?

Micro FPV Drone Series

Armor micro quads bind with Taranis X9D Radio

The frequency is right, or calibrate the flight controller many times, but the drone still can't fly.

I have downloaded the drivers, find it in device manager on COM3, but I can not get this drone to connect to betaflight.

Why one side (3pcs ways) of the charger works well, but the other 3 ways not?

There is no bind button on this drone, no button on the board at all even under the receiver. How to bind the drone?

Can you use the Turnigy Evolution with this quad?

Can this work with a Flysky fs-i6?

Does it come with a battery charger?

All i have to do is bind it to my taranis? anything else.i need to do to before i can fly?

What motors does this drone come with?

Will this work with the Turnigy Evo?

Does this work with a Devo 7 transmitter?

Does this version have OSD?

Will this bind to the at9 or just a frsky?

Can you adjust the camera angle at all?

how many does the battery come with?

I want to buy extra battery, where can i buy it?

Does it come with a case?

What is the difference between armor 65 pro and armor 65 plus?

Can I run 1103 motors for Armor 65 Pro?

Do you need anything extra to mount the camera?

Does Armor 65 Pro, 65 plus drone have OSD?

Can Armor 65 Pro, 65 plus work with a Flysky fs-i6?

What motors does Armor 65 Pro, 65 plus drone come with?

Will Armor 65 Pro, 65 plus drone work with the turnigy evolution radio?

Is there an acro mode?

For Makerfire 08 drone, my camera is no longer powering on after the 4th day of little use, the camera just no longer lights up or shows any sign of turning on.

For Makerfire 08 drone, it only can fly for a minute, how much flying time I should be getting with each charge. And it will not rotate to the left or right (with the left joystick as stated in the instructions).



How to change the Frsky XM receiver to FlySky FS-RX2A on Makerfire Armor 65 and Armor 85?

I have the tranius qx7 will it connect to this? And i have fat shark goggles how will do these connections?


Armor 65 Plus

Very Simple to use


For Armor 65 plus, I get no voltage reading in the fc (in Betaflight) of the batt voltage, thus low voltage warning/cutoff does not work. Also, regarding video, the signal is poor and cuts out, that is to say video works, then cuts to dead/black screen.

ARMOR 65 Pro

Great frame

Great once you fix it. Company replaced faulty frame!

In the process the video turns black every now and then (not static, the vtx is still working, but black as if camera is not sending picture).

Makerfire LiteBee

How to Bind the Makerfire LiteBee Drone?