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Happy Model Larva-X HD Micro FPV Drone - Makerfire

Happy Model Larva-X HD Micro FPV Drone

Happymodel will release another new drone soon? Let's wait.....

Call it Whoopick??? #Happymodel #Larva-X HD Micro FPV Drone #Toothpick HD and Whoop HD 2in1 coming out soon .
EX1203 KV6200 motors
Crazybee F4 pro V3.0 flight controller
Caddx Baby turtle
25-200mw vtx
65mms propellers
3s 11.1v 450mah 75c battery
Buzzer ready
Whoop ducts ready

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EIJI Yamaura – November 27, 2019

Are you okay for props doesn’t lock by any bolts only the press ??

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