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How to use “Maker Smiles”?

How to use “Maker Smiles”?

What is “Maker Smiles”?

Maker Smiles” is a point accumulation system of Makerfire, it can make your every paid order changes to discount code.


How to use Maker Smiles

Step 1: Login with your Makerfire account, and find the “Rewards” icon in the lower left corner. 

Step 2: Click it to check your “Maker smile” point.

Step 3: You could check more details about “Ways to earn Maker Smile” and “All rewards” in the following 2 options.

Step 4:As long as you get enough “Maker Smile”, you could redeem the discount code by using Maker Smile!

Step 5: Enjoy the discount code on your next order!

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