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Makerfire Armor Blue Shark: An All-in-One FPV Solution with Altitude Hold

Makerfire Armor Blue Shark: An All-in-One FPV Solution with Altitude Hold

Makerfire Armor bule shark review by HalfChrome

Original article link: https://www.halfchrome.com/makerfire-shark/


The Makerfire Shark is a very good beginner FPV drone. It is an excellent indoor Tiny Whoop and the best feature is that it comes in a complete all-in-one package. You will get the drone, a remote and even a pair of FPV goggles. It is very similar to the super-popular Eachine E013. What else does the Shark bring to the table? This little Whoop from Makerfire has altitude hold. That separates it from the E013 by making it a very stable indoor flyer. This drone is a lot of fun for less than $90. Keep reading to learn more.


What is the Makerfire Blue Shark?

makerfire fpv

The Shark is a small ducted quadcopter. It has a built-in camera so you can fly it FPV (first person view). The Shark has small 6 mm motors so don’t expect a ton of power from this little machine. It is basically an Eachine E010 with a premounted camera. This setup is ideal for anyone that wants to learn how to fly FPV. You can fly this little quadcopter around the house and not worry about breaking a window or smashing up a wall.

makerfire blue shark

The built-in propeller guards act like bumpers. You can literally bounce off of objects and keep on flying. While this is a great drone for beginners a lot of hard-core enthusiasts often also keep a small drone like this around to fly indoors on cold or rainy days. These Tiny Whoop drones are a blast to fly. I’ll sometimes chase my dog or even my kids around the house with one like this.

makerfire drone

Makerfire Shark Features

There are two things that really separate the Makerfire Blue Shark from the other small ducted quadcopters. The first is that it comes with both a controller and a pair of FPV goggles. Very few come with FPV goggles. The other is that it has altitude hold. Altitude hold is an excellent feature for beginners because it helps keep the drone level while flying. It makes learning to fly a lot easier for beginners.

makerfire fpv

The Makerfire Shark also features one key takeoff and landing. It has multiple speeds and can do flips and rolls with the push of a button. There is a return to home button and headless mode, but we do not recommend using either of those features.

makerfire shark camera

The camera on the Makerfire Blue Shark is a 1000 TVL resolution. This is one of the sharper cameras out there. It transmits the video via a 5.8 GHz signal from the 25 mW video transmitter.

Makerfire Remote and FPV Goggles

The remote transmitter that comes with the Makerfire Shark has a decent feel to it. It is an upgrade over the standard E010 remote for sure.  However, the gimbal sticks on it do not have good feel. In particular, it sometimes would stick when I was yawing the drone. It can get the job done, but we are looking for the protocol to bind it to our T8SG Jumper remote.

makerfire shark remote

The FPV goggles are small but they definitely get the job done. You can do an auto scan to find the right channel if your Shark isn’t set up right away. The goggles fit comfortably but don’t expect to be able to wear glasses or adjust the IPD on this set. There is no DVR so unfortunately, you can’t record your flights with this set. They are a good inexpensive option, but once you are ready for a good pair of goggles. consider upgrading to some Fatsharks.

FPV goggles

This little machine is a lot of fun to fly but we would have liked it to have a little more power. The 220 mah battery is nice because you’ll get a bit more power and flight time than you would from the E013. This is an excellent indoor quad, but it gets pushed around in even the slightest breeze. We would have loved to have seen 7 mm motors on this. Also, the altitude hold feature is nice and really a good thing to have for beginners, but we would have preferred the ability to turn it off much like you can with slightly larger and more powerful Eachine M80. Think of the M80 as the bigger brother to the Makerfire Shark. It is a little larger, more powerful and has a handful of solid features.

Should You Get a MakerFire Shark?

Makerfire blue shark fpv

If you are a beginner looking to get into flying FPV then you definitely need to consider looking at the Makerfire Shark. Its altitude hold is a nice addition to this small indoor flyer. 


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Danny Harris – Januar 16, 2022

I love this drone, but dont care much for the very tiny controller. Can you use an open protocol transmitter on this drone?
I do fly it with some better goghles that have a 5inch screen, and 600mah batteries that give me 6 1/2 mins of flight.

Ray Roberts – November 9, 2021

Can I buy the Marker Fire Shark without accessories? I just want only the drone.

Ray Desheles /Addiccted 2DRONZ – Juni 12, 2021

This company does nothing but LIE,Missleading ,the prices are wrong!!When I went to pay$$49.99, it shot ti $248.And this is not the first time

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