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WIFI Video Module QFP139 1080P 2.0W 150MHZ FPV Camera

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WIFI Video Module QFP139

QF139 is a module for wireless high-definition 1080P video transmission. It adopts the international common wifi wireless communication technology and advanced H.264 image compression technology. The data stream of the same video stream is smaller and the requirements for wifi transmission under the same conditions The bandwidth is smaller, so the distance is longer, and it can be transmitted P2P to any display terminal such as (Android, iphone and other smart phones or computer terminals), and the display terminal can complete applications such as real-time video display, video recording, photo taking, and two-way transparent transmission of data Scenes.

①Real-time and stable video transmission
●Video stream transmission in H.264 format.
●Video wireless transmission, realize terminal equipment to take pictures, video recording and playback and other functions
●High-resolution video display, support 720P high-speed transmission, 1080P record card
●Using point-to-point operation mode, the transmission is more direct and real-time
●Support two-way serial communication
●Adopt chips from international manufacturers, more stable performance
●Using H.264 high-level algorithm, the data volume of the same video is smaller than that of similar products, and when returning 720P video, it is clearer and farther away

②Multi-platform and multi-terminal video display and control
●Android mobile terminal video display
●Video display on Apple mobile phone

③Easy to use, low power consumption and convenient power supply
●The module has a boost circuit, which can work normally within the voltage of 2.8-5V, and the working voltage is wider.
●Low power consumption, normal work is about 1.35W
●Easy to operate, connect the module and open the software to watch the video

④Safe and reliable WIFI link
●Support AP-centric communication network
●Support IEEE 802.11b/g protocol
●Support external antenna, support longer distance

⑤Support the remote control to control the WiFi board and mobile phone to take pictures and record
●Photos and videos are saved in the mobile phone
●If the WiFi board has a card, the photos and videos are also saved in the memory card at the same time
⑥Support the blind shooting function when not connected to WiFi, that is, the remote control controls the photo and video and saves it in the memory card.

WIFI Video Model Size: 33*22.5*8mm
Supported protocols and standards: 802.11g protocol, 802.11b protocol
Power Consumption: 2.0W
Camera: 120 degree wide angle
Module output sampling rate: 25 frames
Working mode: AP mode
Transmission rate: up to 150MHZ
Antenna Mode: External Antenna
Sensitivity@PER <-70dBm
Operating frequency: 2405-2472 MHz
LED indication: red light flashes for normal operation
Transmitting power: >14dBm
Support operating system: IOS6.0 and above, ANDROID4.0 and above
Working voltage: 2.8-5V
Working temperature: -10°C ~ +70°C
Delay: <=100ms
Module size: 22.5*33mm H=7mm
Boot time: 2~3S
Resolution: 720P(1280*720) Record card 1080P(1920*1080)
Communication protocol: UART
Maximum distance: 120 meters
Support memory card maximum capacity: 32GB

Application field
●Baby monitoring
●Toy mobile phone remote control, flight control, four-axis
●Air conditioner mobile phone remote control
●Industrial WIFI to UART application
●Cars, driving recorders
●Security products
●Medical or professional application fields, etc.

Package Included:
1* WIFI Video Module

User Guide: