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SKYRC B6 Nex AC/DC Smart Charger LiPo 10A 200W VA LCD Display AD/DC Input

von SkyRC
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Plug: EU Plug
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SKYRC B6 Nex AC/DC Smart Charger LiPo 10A 200W VA LCD Display AD/DC Input

With the dual power AC/DC input, B6 Nex can charge the 1-6 cell Li-ion or LiPo batteries at a maximum charge current of 10A.
The built-in Bluetooth 5.0 enables B6 Nex's connectivity with smartphones.
The app can push notifications reminding users that charge or discharge is completed or there is a firmware upgrade.
With B6 Nex,charging becomes a faster and more convenient experience!

B6 Nex
With dual AC/DC power input, this charger is suitable for charging and discharging of LiFe/ Lilon/ LiPo/ LiHV/ NiMH/ NiCd/ PB batteries.
Protection is built-in such as high/low input voltage, and input/output reverse, reverse polarity protection.


Buttons and Port:
External Port: 2-6S Balance Socket-XH,Battery Socket, DC Input, AC Input
Buttons: Increase Button, Decrease Button, Start/Stop Button

DC Input:10-30V
Charge: 200W
Discharge: 10W

AC Input:100-240V(50-60HZ)

LiPo/LiIon/LiFe/LiHV: 1-6cells
NiMH/NiCd: 1-15cells
Pb: 1-10S(2-20V)

Battery Capacity Range:
NiMH/NiCd: 100-50000mAh
LiPo/LiIon/LiFe/LiHV: 100-50000mAh

Charge and Discharge
Charge Voltage
NiMH/NiCd: Delta peak detection

LiPo: 4.18-4.25V/cell
LiFe: 3.58-3.7V/cell
Pb: 2.4V/cell
LiIon: 4.08-4.2V/cell
LiHV: 4.25-4.35V/cell
AGM/COLD: 2.45V/cell
Discharge Cut-off Voltage
LiPo: 3.0-3.3V/cell
LiFe: 2.6-2.9V/cell
Pb: 1.8V/cell
LiIon: 2.9-3.2V/cell
LiHV: 3.1-3.4V/cell

Charge Current:0.1A-10.0A
Discharge Current:0.1A-2.0A
Balance Cells:1-6 cells
Balance Current:1000mA/cell Max
Safety Timer:1-720minutes off
Charge Method:CC/CV for lithium types and lead(Pb) batteries Delta-peak Sensitivity for NiMH/NiCd.

Size and Weight
Case Material:Plastic
Case Size:112x75x38mm
Working and Storage
Operating temperature:0℃-40℃
Working humidity:0%-75%
Storage temperature:-10℃-70℃
Storage humidity:0%-75%
Package Included:
1*SKYRC B6 Nex AC/DC Charger