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Wltoys Upgrade Parts Combo 2845 4300kv Brushless Motor,0.7*19T Gear for 124017 124016 124007 RC Car

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Option: Upgrade Parts Combo Motor Gear and ESC
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 Wltoys Upgrade Parts Combo 2845 4300kv Brushless Motor,0.7*19T Gear and 45A Brushless ESC for 124017 124016 RC Car

When you have the upgrade parts, Your car will become more fast and flexible.

Are you looking for 124017  124016  124007?

Upgraded Parts Combo Package Included:

1*2845 4300kv Brushless Motor
1*0.7*19T Gear
1*45A Brushless ESC
Hexagon wheel set-1266
Flange locknut set-1955
Cardan shaft set-1274