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Hawkeye Firefly X Lite FPV Camera parts ND16 Filter/Shell+Bracket/Lens Module/Mainboard/WIFI Board etc

von Hawkeye
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Parts: ND16 Filter
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Hawkeye Firefly X Lite I/II FPV Camera parts ND16 Filter/Shell+Bracket/Lens Module/Mainboard/WIFI Board etc

1.ND16 Filter
Lens Module for X Lite FPV Camera
5.WIFI Board
6.2P Power Supply Terminal Cable
8.Lower the voltage Cable
9.Lens Module for X Lite 
II FPV Camera

Above these parts for 
Firefly X Lite and X Lite II FPV Camera are same,
Except the Lens Module and mainboard is different,for X Lite II FPV Camera is upgrade version.