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Hawkeye Little Pilot Four Eyes 4-Channel HDMI Split Screen Box 5.8G Receive 4-Segment HDMI TV Output 5.8G Screen/Phone For RC Racing Drone

von Hawkeye
SKU 6813509
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$175.99 - $175.99
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Four eyes Hawk Eye small fly hand four channel receive four division HDMI TV dual output 5.8G

1. HDMI, TV dual output at the same time.
2. one photo, two photos, four split photos, display adjustable.
3. HDMI output 720p/1080p optional.
4. Automatic frequency search and manual adjustment.
5. Aluminum hull, strong heat dissipation design.
6. Original receiver.
7. XT60, DC wide voltage (2-6s) input support.

Package Included:
1*Hawkeye Little Pilot Four Eyes HDMI Split Screen Box