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HobbyEagle A3 EVO 6-Axis Gyro Flight Controller Balancer For Delta-wing Fixed Wing RC Airplane

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HobbyEagle A3 EVO 6-Axis Gyro Flight Controller Balancer For Delta-wing Fixed Wing RC Airplane

The A3 EVO is the latest 6-axis gyro for airplanes, which is developed based on AVR platform and applies the high efficiency, concise and mature algorithm. Experience with previous gyros and introduces many new features such as PPM receiver support, separate 3-axis basic gain adjustment and the throttle output channel for mini serial receivers. The A3 EVO provides users with more powerful and better performance.

4 Flight Modes: GYRO OFF Mode, NORMAL Mode, LEVEL Mode and HOVER Mode.
3 Wing Type: Support for Delta-wing, V-Tail and Standard.
Support for Futaba S.Bus, Standard PWM receivers, and PPM receivers.
Throttle output channel provided when using the PPM or S.Bus mode.
Separate basic gain adjustment for Aileron, Elevator and Rudder.
Remote master gain supported.

Main Controller: AVR MCU
Sensor: MEMS 3-axis sensor
Gyro Scale Range: ±2000 dps
Accelerometer Scale Range: ±4g
PWM Output: Limit: 970μS to 2070μS, Neutral: 1520μS
Input Voltage: 4.8V to 8.4V (H.V. 2S Lithium Battery Supported)
Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
Size: 43×27×14mm
Weight: 10g (excluding wires)


Airplane Mode
A3 EVO has 4 flight modes, which can be switched during flight using a three-stage switch. You can judge the current flight mode by observing the color of the LED, as shown in the following table:

Item 7 of the setting menu provides 4 fixed mode combinations. The factory default is mode-1 , which is "normal mode – automatic balance – automatic hoist", as shown in the following table:

Gyroscope off mode
GYRO OFF mode (GYRO OFF), when this mode is turned on, the gyroscope function will be completely disabled. The aircraft will be completely controlled by the remote controller, no correction instructions will be sent to the servos, this mode is usually used for testing purposes.

Normal stability mode
Normal stabilization mode (NORMAL, also known as angular rate mode RATE) is the most basic function of the gyroscope. It is based on angular rate control of each axis of rotation. When operating in this mode, the gyroscope will only correct the current rotational motion. When the aircraft rotates around the corresponding rotation axis, a momentary correction action will be sent to the servo. When the rotation stops, the rudder will The machine will immediately return to the neutral position. The normal stabilization mode can be used for almost all types of fixed-wing aircraft. It can effectively improve the stability and accuracy of flight and reduce the stall point of the aircraft.

Auto balance mode
Automatic balance mode (LEVEL, also known as horizontal mode HORIZON), once the joystick is released, the aircraft will automatically return to the horizontal position. Different from the angle mode, there is no maximum tilt limit in the automatic balance mode. The aircraft will only be restrained by the balance and return to level when the ailerons or elevator sticks are returned to the center. When operating the sticks, the aircraft can still operate as in normal mode. During normal flight, the automatic balance mode can be used to prevent the pilot from crashing due to disorientation.

Automatic hoist mode
The automatic hoist mode (HOVER) is similar to the automatic balance mode. The difference is that when the stick is released, the aircraft does not return to level but maintains the nose-up crane attitude. This mode can be used to help you learn crane movements and can also be used to perform crane performances.

Standard PWM Receiver Connection
[MODE] is used for flight mode switching of the gyro, connect it to a 3-way switch channel of the receiver to switch the flight mode in flight.
[SBUS/PPM/G] is used for remote master gain adjusting, connect it to a proportional channel of a volume or slide lever of the transmitter to tune the master gain in flight.
The ESC or throttle servo is connected to the throttle channel of the receiver directly without passing through the gyro.
Pay attention to the polarity of the plugs. The orange signal line must always be on the top and the brown on the bottom.

Single-wire receiver connection example
A3 EVO supports single-wire connection of PPM and Futaba S.Bus serial receivers. If you use these receivers, you only need to connect the output signal of the receiver to the [SBUS/PPM/G] interface of the gyroscope. When using a single-wire receiver, A3 EVO will use the default channel sequence for channel identification, see the table below. Please check whether the channel definition on your remote control is consistent with that of A3 EVO. This channel definition table has no effect when using a standard PWM receiver. When A3 EVO works in single-wire receiver mode, [THR Out/AIL] will automatically output the signal of the throttle channel. If you are using a mini receiver without an independent output channel, you can connect the ESC or throttle servo to this interface.

Table 1: Serial receiver default channel definition table

Setup Menu
To get into the Setup Menu, press and hold the button for about 2 seconds until the LED starts flashing Blue and Red quickly. The Setup Menu contains 11 setting functions which normally only need to be setup once after installation.

Function Selection
In the Setup Menu, the LED will flash Blue and Red several times every 3 seconds in a loop and the number of times LED flashes shows at which function item you are currently. For example, one Blue and Red flashing means the first setting "Aileron Gyro Direction", after waiting about 3 seconds, a twice Blue and Red flashing means the second setting "Elevator Gyro Direction", and so on.

Option Switching
When you reach the function that you wish to operate in, short press the button to get into it. After entering in, the current selected option is indicated by the color of the LED. Each short press of the button advances the option to the next value. After you finish making your selection, just wait for 5 seconds until the LED starts blink quickly which indicates that the modified is saved and then you will be brought back to the Setup Menu level automatically. If you do not want to change anything, just wait for timeout without any operation.

Exit of Menu
To exit the menu just keep the button pressed for 2 seconds again until the LED starts flashing Blue and Red quickly.

 User Manual, Please check it

Package Included:
1x HobbyEagle A3 EVO 6-Axis Gyro Flight Controller