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LDARC TINY 7XS 75mm Wheelbase 16000KV NANO3-OSD F411-BVT Brushed Racing Drone with AC900/RX2A Receiver

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Receiver: AC900 Receiver
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LDARC TINY 7XS 75mm Wheelbase 16000KV  NANO3-OSD F411-BVT Brushed Racing Drone with AC900/RX2A Receiver

The first choice racing drone for FPV beginners and training facilities--it's safe!TINY6XS/7XS are custom made indoor brushed racing quad copter for training fac li ties and FPVbeginners .1/3"CMOS camera, Beta flight OSD setupAlO integrated FC+VTXlightweight frame kit.The 6XSis equipped with 716-17600KV motors+31mm propellers,7XSis equipped with 820-16000KV motors + 1545 propellers .Bothmodelsare1S-powered with lownoise.Battery is placed at center offrame bottom, which makes the center of gravity located exactly in the middle of the drone,with betteroperability.

-1/3 CMOS Camera
-AlO Integrated FC+VTX
-Betaflight OSD Setup
- LightWeight Frame
Best for Training Fali ties and FPV Beginners

Weight:35.3g(NO RX and battery)
Motor:820-16000KV brushed motor
Propeller:1545mm-4blade 1.0mm
Receiver:RX2A/AC 900
Battery&Plug:3.8V 550mAh,PH2.0

Package Included:
1*PH 2.0 connector(2pcs)
1*1545-4 blade(2CW+2CCW)
1*3.8V 550mAh battery
1*Prop tool
1*Other parts