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MinimumRC Shrimp V2 360mm Ultra-light 3CH V-tail Indoor RC Aircraft Flying Weight 25g SFHSS-BNF Version(Not include Controller)

von MinimumRC
SKU 7077444
Ursprünglicher Preis $39.99 - Ursprünglicher Preis $77.80
Ursprünglicher Preis
$39.99 - $77.80
Aktueller Preis $77.80
Version: SFHSS-BNF Version
PLUGS & SOCKETS: Motor with 1.27mm plug
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Remark: The KIT and Electronic Parts you need to assemble by yourself.

Recommend controller: Jumper T-Pro JP4-in-1 Multi-protocol

Brand: MinimumRC
Wingspan: 360mm
Flying weight: 25g
Material: nylon: carbon fiber
720 coreless motor set;
1.7g servos *2;
4CH micro receiver with brushed ESC;
3.7v 260mah Lipo Battery

Note:First test flight
1. Set the transmitter to V-tail mixing mode:
·Push/pull the elevator control stick, and the tails on both sides tilt up/down at the same time.
·Push/pull the rudder control stick, and the tails on both sides tilt left/right at the same time.
2. When the control stick is at the central point, the tails on both sides are parallel to the tail of the fuselage
3. Adjust the center of gravity to the 30%-50% position of the leading edge of the wing.
4. The full-motion tail is exceptionally sensitive and it is recommended to reduce the channel travel to 80%

Package Included:
1* KIT version
1* 720 brushed motor


1* KIT version
1* 720 brushed motor
2* 1.7g servos
1* SFHSS receiver
1* 3.7v 260mah Lipo