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MinimumRC Spitfire MK XVI 5CH Aircraft with Retractable Landing Gear

von MinimumRC
SKU 7222987
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Ursprünglicher Preis
$55.65 - $104.58
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KIT Type: Kit+motor
PLUGS & SOCKETS: Motor with 1.27mm plug
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MinimumRC Spitfire MK XVI 5CH Aircraft with Retractable Landing Gear

Perfect Replication of a Legendary WWII Model
The Spitfire MKVI, a legendary WWII aircraft, is renowned for its distinctive design and superior performance. The paint scheme of this replica accurately replicates the original aircraft's appearance, capturing the historical essence of the plane.

Innovative Three-Dimensional Fuselage Design
The aircraft boasts a newly designed three-dimensional fuselage, which not only maintains ease of installation but significantly enhances its visual realism. This attention to detail ensures that the aircraft stands out both on the ground and in the air.

Authentic Instrument Panel Patterns
The aircraft's instrument panel patterns are meticulously recreated to match the design of the actual aircraft. This ensures a flight experience that closely mirrors the historical original, right down to the instrument layout.

Larger Wing Area, Lighter Weight
By increasing the wing area and reducing overall weight, the aircraft gains superior gliding capabilities. It excels at slow-speed flights, offering stability and making it suitable for a wide range of flight missions.

Revolutionary "816 Motor Unit"
Equipped with the state-of-the-art "816 Motor Unit": This propulsion system utilizes a fixed spindle with a 1.5mm diameter, providing robust stability. It is designed to remain intact in the majority of crash scenarios, further enhancing the aircraft's reliability

Authentic Landing Gear and Hatch Design
Featuring a meticulously designed landing gear and hatches: These components are crafted with authenticity and durability in mind, enhancing the overall ruggedness and longevity of the aircraft.

Exquisite Transparent Canopy
Featuring an exquisite transparent canopy: The canopy is crafted with precision, offering a clear view of the cockpit's interior and adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the aircraft.

Aged Finish for Authenticity
The aircraft's paint finish comes with an aged effect, faithfully recreating the weathered and battle-worn appearance of combat aircraft. This attention to detail captures the essence of the aircraft's rich history and adds a genuine touch to the model.

Minimalist Design
The landing gear retraction mechanism adopts an extremely simplified design, consisting of only two main components. This minimalistic approach ensures a lightweight and highly reliable mechanical structure.

Terminal Position Auto-Locking
This mechanism incorporates a Terminal Position Auto-Locking feature. It prevents the impact forces borne by the landing gear from being transferred to the servo, thereby protecting the gears of the servo system.

Unique Wedge-Shaped Slide Rail Design
The landing gear retraction mechanism features a distinctive wedge-shaped slide rail design. This design minimizes any wobbling or instability caused by mechanical play, ensuring the landing gear remains securely in place during operation.

High-Toughness Nylon Compositel
Constructed from a high-toughness nylon material, the retraction mechanism was made as a single unit and this ensures it solid and durable, capable of withstanding the demands of various applications.

Wingspan: 400mm
Length: 340mm
Weight: 37g
Motor: 816 coreless motor set
Servos: 1.7g x4
Battery: 3.7v 180mah
Receiver: Micro 4+1CH receiver with ESC

Package Included:
1* KIT version
1* 816 brushed motor

1* KIT version
1* 816 brushed motor
4* servo

1* KIT version
1* 8620 brushed motor
4* 1.7g servos
1* SFHSS receiver
1* 3.7v 180mah Lipo Battery
1* USB charger