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Yuxiang F09-H SH60 Black Hawk 1/47 Scale Aircraft 2.4G 8CH 6-Axis Gyro GPS 5.8G image Transmission Helicopter

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Yuxiang F09-H SH60 Black Hawk 1/47 Scale 2.4G 8CH 6-Axis Gyro GPS 5.8G image Transmission Helicopter

1. Based on the 47:1 scale of the American SH60-Black Hawk helicopter, it has highly simulated appearance details, cool lights, movable side doors on the left and right, and shock-absorbing landing gear.
2. New optimization and upgrade to make it more realistic, new paint, improved weapon racks, rocket launchers, missiles, airborne Gatling guns, aerial refueling pipes, etc. The tail rotor adopts a high-efficiency four-blade propeller, which is more efficient, quieter and more simulated.
3. It adopts aileronless design, uses dual-axis co-drive motors, and electronic stabilization system, which makes the hand feel more precise, the flight more stable, and the optimized structure reduces the chance of damage.
4. The propeller is designed based on aerodynamic principles to provide strong power and body self-stability. It has high efficiency, power saving and long flight time. The paddle is made of nylon + carbon fiber composite material, which has high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, no deformation, and durability.
5. Use 4004 630KV brushless motor to self-stable co-drive, reduce gear agitation, and have the characteristics of low noise, large torque, sufficient power and high efficiency. The special high-temperature-resistant magnetic steel can withstand high temperatures of 150 degrees without damage, extending the service life.
6. The tail lock motor uses a special 1104 3900KV brushless motor, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, fast response speed, stable tail lock, and is not easily damaged after long-term operation.
7. Using an enlarged 4.3g metal digital servo, it has high torque, fast response, high precision, and precise centering. The response speed is 60°/0.05ms, which makes the aircraft fly accurately, has good hand feeling, and has a longer lifespan.
8. Intelligent flight control, equipped with a GPS module, a compass module, a visual module, an air pressure altitude stabilization module, visual flight under GPS stabilization, a manual self-stabilizing mode, a multi-functional flight mode, and one-button return to home, low battery, intelligent return to home, loss of control, one-button landing, electronic fence One-touch figure-8 route flight, one-button circular flight and other safe flight functions.
9. Brand new 8-channel high-precision remote control, 2.4GHZ two-way communication protocol. It has a 1024-level operating feel, a high-definition display, and two-way data transmission, which can provide real-time feedback on the aircraft’s battery level, flight speed, flight altitude, flight distance, flight direction, GPS number and other important information, effectively improving the user’s precise control of the aircraft.
10. Use high-precision CNC rotor head and cross disk to optimize the structure, reduce weight, and greatly reduce the chance of aircraft damage.
11. The casing adopts hot runner injection molding process, with high simulation details, good elasticity, toughness and not easy to be damaged.
12. Professionally customized high-rate lithium polymer 11.1V 1350mah 30C battery, with high discharge rate and long service life. The flight time is about 9-12 minutes, and it can reach 500+ cycles in normal use. It has functions such as preventing overcharge, overdischarge, and low battery indication, which can effectively extend the battery life.
13. Equipped with a special charging stand and high-precision digital display balance charger.
14. Can be equipped with 5.8G analog image transmission, with an image transmission distance of 300 meters (user optional)

Item: F09-H
Model: 2.4G remote control
Distance(m): About 350m
Weight(g): 455g
Material: High strength composite material
Age: 14+
Battery: LI-POLY intelligent Battery 11.1V(1350MAH) 30C
Charging Time: About 75 minutes
Usage time: 9-12 minutes
Color: Blue

Package Included:
1x Aircraft
1x Instruction
1x Special charger
4x Main blade
1x Tail rotor blade
1x Intelligent battery
1x Screwdriver