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JJRC Q39 A/B 1/12 2.4G RTR 38km/h 4WD Driving Off-road Chasis Truck

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Version: Q39B Red color
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JJRC Q39 A/B 1/12 2.4G RTR 38km/h 4WD Driving Off-road Chasis Truck

1. Using the simulation structure design, it has the control feeling of a real car, and realizes full-scale continuously variable transmission, high-speed driving, rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking, reversing, left turn, right turn;
2. 19g high-speed steering gear: 1kg torque, which makes the car more explosive in acceleration and climbing performance, allowing players to better enjoy the experience of strong power performance in the remote control;
3. Four-wheel drive system: Four-wheel drive system with full four-axis transmission, 4-wheel drive shafts to ensure stable traction and chassis layout to adjust drift driving;
4. Inclined differential: the front and rear inclined all-metal differential makes the turning more stable and the car moves forward at a better speed;
5. Super battery power: 7.4V, 18650-1500mAh Li-ion battery (T plug);
6. Independent shock absorber: damping independent shock absorber, which can reduce the wheel vibration caused by bumpy roads, can avoid damage to the car and maintain the stability of the car; 7. Front wheel torsion shaft independent horizontal shock absorber Shock suspension system rear multi-link straight bridge suspension;
8. Applicable venues: flat ground, sandy ground, muddy ground, grassland;
9. Simulated off-road tires with strong grip; 10. The car shell adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can better play a buffer role when the car hits the front and avoid damage to the wheel parts due to strong impact;
15. The flexible design of the remote controller for left and right hand switching, so that the left and right hands can switch back and forth at will to adapt to everyone's operating habits;
16. The 3.5-inch off-road wheels are adopted, and the chassis is raised, which improves the passability of the car and allows the car to conquer more different road conditions;
17. The remote control panel adopts the knob-type steering fine-tuning knob and steering rudder volume fine-tuning knob, and the adjustment degree is more precise and delicate;
18. The steering angle is larger, the steering of the car is more flexible, and the experience of pointing and hitting is better;
19. The plug connected to the ESC/battery adopts a model-grade T-type plug, which makes the current output more stable; 20. There are two modes to choose from. When adults play, they can be adjusted to high-speed mode. When children are playing, they can be adjusted to children. Mode; 21. Accelerator percentage switching mode, 50% forward and backward, 70% forward and 30% backward.

1: Charging protection: constant current and constant voltage balanced charging, protection function for battery overcharge and overcurrent.
2: Motor anti-jamming protection: When overloaded, the motor stops working.
3: High temperature protection: When the working temperature is higher than the setting, the drive control circuit stops working, and resumes working after the temperature drops to a safe value.
4: ESC low-voltage power-off function, when the battery is lower than 6.5V, it will automatically power off to prevent the battery from being damaged due to over-discharge.

Basic information
Brand: JJRC
Models: Q39 A/B 
Model: 1/12
Speed: 38km/h

Power system
Motor: 390 motor
Servo: 19g High Speed Servo: 1kg Torque
ESC/reception: 45A electronic stepless speed controller

Body battery: 7.4V 1500mAH
Control time: 15-18 minutes (continuous running at full speed)
Charger: 7.4V balance charger
Remote control distance (meters): greater than 80 meters
Remote control batteries: 3 "AA" (not included)
Charging time: about 2.5 hours
Frequency: 2.4GHz (supports multiple cars competing in the same field)
Remote control category: full scale synchronous control system (gun control)
Wheelbase parameters: Wheelbase: 193mm Wheelbase: 247mm
Differential structure: metal gear planetary differential
Speed: 38 km/h (extreme speed)
Lighting configuration: no lights
Protective function
1. Charging; 2. Stuck; 3. High temperature; 4. Low voltage

Package Included:
1X Q39 Off-road Chasis Truck
1X 7.4V balance charger
1X 7.4V 1500MAH lithium battery(built-in)
1X Manual
1X M4 cross wrench
1X 1.5mm Allen wrench
2.0mm Allen wrench
2X Snap ring
1X M3 Machine Rice Screw
2X Motor gear