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YXZNRC Yuxiang F280 2.4G 6CH 6-Axis Gyro 3D6G RC Helicopter Dual Brushless Direct Drive Motor Flybarless

Precio original $479.99 - Precio original $619.99
Precio original
$479.99 - $619.99
Precio actual $479.99
Version: BNF
Color: Pink
Battery quantities: 1 battery
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YXZNRC F280 2.4G 6CH 6-Axis Gyro 3D6G RC Helicopter Dual Brushless Direct Drive Motor Flybarless

ETA: Around end of September

1. Flybarless design, direct drive of the main motor, electronic stability enhancement system, more accurate feel, more stable flight, quick release structure of the tail boom, easy to use and convenient maintenance, optimized structure to reduce the chance of damage.
2. The propeller is made of 3K carbon fiber high-strength composite material, which is designed based on the principle of aerodynamics to provide strong power and body self-stability. It has high efficiency, power saving and long flight time.
3. 5512 brushless disc motor direct drive, reduce gear restlessness, low noise, large torque, sufficient power, high efficiency, special high temperature resistant NdFeB magnets can withstand high temperature of 150 degrees without damage, high precision machined shell, can generate infinite power.
4. Tail lock motor uses a special 1806 brushless motor, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, fast responses, stable tail lock, and is not easy to be damaged after long-term work.
5. Using enlarged 9g metal digital steering gear, high torque, fast responses, high precision, and precise centering, the response speed is 60°/0.05ms, which makes the aircraft fly accurately, feel better, and last longer.
6. 60A dual brushless speed controller, working voltage range 4-6S (14.8-22.2v) BEC 5V/10A, with slow start overheat protection function, continuous maximum discharge current 70A, aluminum alloy carved shell, accelerated heat dissipation, guaranteed The safety of sustained violent flight.
7. Brand-new independent flight control, precise algorithm, more stable performance, better flying feel, compatible with S-BUS DXM-X PPM satellites receiver interface, can expand the high-precision remote control on the market for configuration and parameter adjustment.
8. Configure the Bluetooth module, APP parameter adjustment, with a fast and simple parameter adjustment mode.
9. Professionally customized Redzone high-rate lithium polymer 22.2V 6S 1300mAh 40C battery, high discharge rate, strong explosive power, long service life, flight time of about 4-8 minutes, normal use can reach 500+ cycles.
10. Adopt high-precision CNC carved frame, rotor head, rotor clamp, swash plate, optimize the structure, reduce the weight, and greatly reduce the probability of aircraft damage.
11. The main frame is made of 3K carbon fiber composite material, which has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, no deformation, and impact resistance, ensuring the flight accuracy and durability of the whole machine.
12. The casing adopts hot runner injection molding process, which has good elasticity, toughness and is not easy to be damaged.
13. Tail tube quick release design, easy to carry, modular design, easy maintenance.

Name: F280 Helicopter
Dimensions (cm): Rotor Diameter: 646mm; Body Length: 665mm; Height: 200mm
Control Modes: Compatible with S-BUS, DXM-X, PPM satellites receiver interfaces (Remote controller not included)
Control Range: >300 meters
Material: High-strength engineering composite
Weight (drone alone): 905g
Box Weight: 1524g
Battery: LI-POLY 22.2V (1300MAH) 40C
Charging Time: Approx. 90 minutes
Flight Time: 4-8 minutes
Available Colors: Blue, Green, Pink

Package Included:
1 x F280 Helicopter
1 x User Manual
1 x Tail Rotor Blade
1 x 22.2V 1300mAh 40C Battery

1 x F280 Helicopter
1 x User Manual
1 x Tail Rotor Blade
1 x 22.2V 1300mAh 40C Battery
1 x Jumper T20 Remote Control