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Makerfire Battery Level Meter & Voltmeter 5-30V DC - 2-Wire Indicator & Small Battery Tester (Pack of 2)

por Makerfire
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Makerfire Battery Level Meter & Digital Voltmeter DC 5-30V 2-Wire Battery Level Indicator & Small Battery Capacity Tester (Pack of 2)

Product Parameters:
1. Working current: <10mA
2. Display mode: LED indicator light
3. Refresh speed: 500ms/time
4. Appearance size: 46mm*15mm*3mm
5. Product model: 4615
6. Product working voltage: DC5V-30V

Function Description:

  • When first powered on, the product defaults to measuring the voltage of a 3-string ternary lithium battery.
  • The product automatically enters low power consumption mode and turns off the display after 10 seconds of inactivity, or you can manually turn off the display and enter low power consumption mode by pressing the button. To turn on the display and measure power again, press the button while in the off state.

LED Indication Display Panel Description in Setting Mode:
Description of Function Settings:

  • Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to enter the setting state: the mode light (battery type) flashes, and the string number light is always on, short press the button to select the battery type.
  • Confirm the battery type by pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds, then enter the string number/voltage setting (the mode light is always on, and the string number/voltage light flashes).
  • Short press the button to set the number of battery strings or voltage, please refer to the above table option settings for more details.
  • Save the data by pressing and holding the button for 2 seconds or wait for 5 seconds to automatically return to the normal display power status.
  • If there is no operation within 5 seconds in the setting state, it will automatically return to the normal display power.

1. Please do not exceed the operating voltage, which will damage the product.
2. Please do not use the product outdoors, the product is not waterproof

Package Included:
2* Battery Level Indicator