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MinimumRC BAE Hawk Red Arrows 30mm EDF 3CH 1S Aircraft Kit

por MinimumRC
SKU 7222997
Precio original $55.65 - Precio original $98.00
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$55.65 - $98.00
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PLUGS & SOCKETS: Motor with 1.27mm plug
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MinimumRC BAE Hawk Red Arrows 30mm EDF 3CH 1S Aircraft Kit

Remark: The KIT and Electronic Parts you need to assemble by yourself.

MinimumRC BAE Hawk Red Arrows assemble instruction

Exclusive 30mm EDF Model with 1s Performance
This model stands out as the only 1s-level 30mm EDF jet on the market. The optimized intake and powerful propulsion system allow for effortless execution of aerobatic maneuvers——can easily perform loops!

Sleek Aerodynamics for Exciting Jet Experience
The aircraft boasts a clean and aesthetically pleasing aerodynamic exterior, providing a thrilling jet piloting experience.

Striking Red Arrow Aerobatic Livery
The aircraft showcases the eye-catching livery of the Red Arrows aerobatic display team, adding a distinctive and visually appealing touch.

Revolutionary 3D Fuselage Design
The assembly process of the BAE Systems Hawk model has been completely redesigned for a fresh and improved experience. Each component has undergone meticulous redesign to ensure integration is straightforward.

Optimized Air Intake Design for Enhanced Performance
The BAE Systems Hawk's air intake system has undergone meticulous optimization to boost overall performance. With a streamlined and precisely engineered design, ensuring a consistent and optimal airflow to the EDF system.

Exquisite Transparent Cockpit Details
The cockpit is adorned with exquisite transparent details, enhancing the overall realism of the aircraft.

Durable Internal Support Components
Internal components include thin-walled integral support structures, ensuring durability and greatly simplifying the installation process.

Revamped Model Assembly Design
The assembly of the BAE Systems Hawk's 3D model has undergone a complete redesign to offer a more straightforward and intuitive assembly experience. Each component has been intricately modeled to ensure perfect alignment between parts.

Length 360mm
Wingspan 380mm
Weight 39
Channels: Throttle Aileron Elevator
Battery: 3.7v 260mah

Package Included:
1* KIT version
1* motor

1* KIT version
1* motor
2* servo

1* KIT version
1* motor
2* 1.7g servos
1* SFHSS receiver
1* 3.7v 260mah Lipo Battery
1* USB charger