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SKYZONE M5 5.8 GHZ FPV Monitor with DVR

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SKYZONE M5 5.8 GHZ FPV Monitor with DVR

The SKYZONE M5F 5.8 GHZ FPV monitor with DVR is a high brightness 5-inch monitor integrated with steadyview receiver, the receiver merges two signals into one, avoids image tearing and rolling, make image more stable and clear. The wheel with classic skyzone UI made the goggles easy to use, the monitor support 1cell 18650 battery, easy to switch battery, also support 2-6S Lipo, easy to power on the field.

Built-in Steadyview Receiver:
Diversity mode: The receiver will compare with 2 rssi, selects the strongest signal output Ifthe signal changes rapidly, the image will be tearingand rolling.

MIX mode: Two signals are processed through complex circuits and algorithms, fuse the two signal into one, caused the more stable and clear image.

Multiple power supply:
Support 18650 Lion battery replacement, Support 2-6S Lion input, SupportsType-C USB power supply.

High-quality 5-inch screen for seamless and clear viewing.
Steadyview Receiver for stable and consistent image quality.
Ensures real-time video streaming with minimized latency.
Compact and lightweight design ensures easy portability and comfortable usage.
Features AV input and DVR playback for recording memorable flight moments.

User Manual

Name: Skyzone M5F
Resolution: 800*480
Latency: ≤20ms

Power supply:
2-6s DC IN
18680 Lion
Type-C USB
Battery Endurance: 1.5h with 3000mah
Antenna: LHCP
Dimension: 135*88*16mm
Weight: 165±2g

Package Included:
1 set X SKYZONE M5F 5-inch Fusion Receiver Screen DVR Monitor (Battery not included)