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Happymodel ExpressLRS FPV ELRS long-distance 915mhz module ES915TX tuner ES915RX for Radiomaster TX16S and Jumper T12 T16 T18 Transmitter

UGC 6698711
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Module: ES915TX Module
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Happymodel ExpressLRS FPV ELRS long-distance 915mhz module ES915TX tuner ES915RX for Radiomaster TX16S and Jumper T12 T16 T18 Transmitter

Notice: The New version ExpressLRS 900MHz RX module—ES900RX coming out which is instead ES915RX due to shortage of SMT32 chips.

ES915TX and ES900RX modules are a set of Long Range 915MHz/868MHz(optional) wireless transmission equipment developed and designed based on the open source software ExpressLRS. This set of modules is characterized by ultra-long range, stable operation and low latency. The module is compatible with most Opentx remote controllers, especially suitable for Radiomaster TX16S and Jumper T12 T16 T18 series remote controllers, basically plug and play. We have specially customized the heat sink for the transmitter module, which can help the transmitter module to operate stably under high power conditions.

VCC input: 5v
Operation current: ~100Ma
Rx To FC protocol: CRSF
RF Frequency optional: 915mhz or 868mhz(EU)
Dimension: 12mm*12mm*3mm
Weight: 0.60 gram (exclude antenna)
Antenna connector:  IPEX1
Telemetry output Power: <17dBm
RC7 Firmware for ES900RX download:
ExpressLRS RC7 firmware for ES900 RX 915MHz and 868MHz [update by wifi]

Dimension: 55mm*39mm*13mm(include heat sink)
Weight: 23gram (exclude antenna)
Antenna connector: SMA
VCC input: 5~13v, Recommend 5v~9v
RF Frequency optional: 915mhz or 868mhz(EU)
Maximum Output Power: <33dBm(For >27dBm operation, we recommend add a fan for force cooling)
RC7 Firmware for ES915TX ES868TX download:
ExpressLRS RC7 firmware for ES915TX ES868TX 915MHz and 868MHz [update by SDcard]

Bind procedure:
1.Supply power to the ES900RX, wait until the red LED on the ES900RX are off, immediately turn off the power, and then repeat again the above steps. When the ES900RX is powered on for the third time, the red LED light will start to double flash quickly, which means that the ES900RX enters the binding mode

2.Insert the ES915TX module to Radio transmitter, and choose External RF mode to CRSF protocol, then you can find ELRS menu from the Radio systems, Enter into ELRS and press [Bind], the Red LED on the ES900RX module will turning off then start blinking slowly and finally getting to be solid , this means bind successfully.

ES900RX firmware update by wifi procedure:
1.Make the ES900RX enter into Bind mode and then wait around 1 minute and don’t bind with it , then the ES900RX would get into Wifi mode automatically, you could connected the wifi hot pot “ExpressLRS RX” by enter the password “expresslrs”

2.Visit the firmware update website by enter “” , and choose the correct firmware then click “update” , wait for around 1~2 minutes, the update progress would finished and you can find “firmware update successful and reboot” , that means update is finished.

New version Package include:
ES915 TX modulex1
ES900 RX modulex2
TX antennax1
RX antennax2
Molding JR Bay mounted case for TX modulex1
Heat sinkx1
Adapter wirex1