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UD 1603 /UD1604 / UD1601 Car parts/ Body Shell

UGC 6716034
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Prix d'origine $15.99
Prix d'origine $15.99 - Prix d'origine $28.99
Prix d'origine $15.99
Prix actuel $12.99
$12.99 - $21.99
Prix actuel $12.99
Option: Drift tires(4 pcs)
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UD1603 /UD1604 / UD1601 Car parts Drift/Flat tires/Steering gear/Motor...
Note: UD 1603/ Pro Body Shell, UD 1604/ Pro Body Shell can not fit  UD1601/SG1603/SG1604
Buy : UD1604

1.Drift tires(4 pcs)
2.Flat tires(4 pcs)
3.Steering gear
5.Style ESC 2.4GHZ (with gyroscope)
6.UD1603/ Pro Body Shell
7.UD1604 /Pro Body Shell