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SONY VTC6 18650 4S1P 3000mAh/4S2P 6000mAh Battery XT30 Plug/XT60 Plug

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Plug: XT30
Capacity: 4S1P 3000mah Battery
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SONY VTC6 18650 4S1P 3000mAh/4S2P 6000mAh Battery XT30 Plug/XT60 Plug

Using the imported fully battery cell of SONY VTC6 18650,Discharging 30A current continuously,It perfectly matches the requirements of Micro Long Range Flight.The SONY VTC6 18650 is very safe and powerful.Recommending that the discharge voltage should be 2.5V per section. If the discharge voltage is lower than 2.0V,the cell will be damaged permanently.The full voltage of each cell is 4.2V,

Single Battery Cell Parameters:
Battery Brand: SONY
Battery model: VTC6 18650
Battery capacity: 3000mAh
Number of charging strings: 4S
Charging upper limit voltage: 4.20V
Lower limit of discharge voltage: 2.0V (not recommended to be lower than 2.5V, easy to damage)
Maximum charging current: 3A (1~1.5A charging is recommended)
Maximum discharge current: 30A
Maximum discharge C number: 7~10C

4S1P 3000mAh Battery

4S2P 6000mAh Battery

XT60 connector uses 16AWG silicone wire, the wire length is about 50mm
XT30 connector uses 18AWG silicone wire, the wire is about 55mm

Original brand-new SONY VTC6 18650 high quality cells.
Very suitable for long range flight,discharge current 30A.
SONY LionPack batteries will never puff and become unsafe like a Li-Po.
SONY LionPack batteries can be charged from empty or nearly full without damaging the pack.
SONY LionPack batteries can be charged over 350 times and still store 85% of its original capacity.
High quality fireproof heat shrinks outer skin.
Compact size.Light weight.
Ideal power solution for all RC hobby products, including RC cars, boats,etc…

Package Included:
1*4S1P 3000mAh Battery or
1*4S2P 6000mAh Battery