Hawkeye 5 Inch FPV Monitor Built-in 5.8G 32CH AV Receiver 800*480 LCD Display

by Makerfire
Hawkeye 5 Inch FPV Monitor Built-in 5.8G 32CH AV Receiver 800*480 LCD Display for RC Quadcopter White

Auto channel searching function.
On screen display of voltage indicator. operation duration. receiving intensity.
Up to 3 hours battery life when fully charged.
Equiped with a mounting bracket, easy to be installed.
Super strong anti-interference design ensures the stable flying.
Integrated 800 * 480 resolution on a 5-inch screen, comparing with an 7-inch screen, there will be 28% improvement in clarity.

Resolution: 800 times;480(HD), 480 times;272(SD)
Backlight: LED
Brightness: 700cd/m sup2;(HD), 450 cd/m sup2;(SD)
Display ratio: 16:9
Response time: 10ms
Video format: PAL/NTSC
Frequancy: 5.8G
Channel: 32CH
Power Supply: Internal Battery life 2.5-3 hours
Antenna connector: RP-SMA Male
Receiver: Sensitivity -94db
Charging: Micro USB port
Weight (without antenna): 166g
Dimension (without antenna): 128*83*12mm

Box included:
1 * 5inch FPV Monitor
1 * Mushroom Antenna
1 * AV Video Cable
1 * Video Cable
1 * Mounting Bracket
1 * Supporting Rod

Battery Charging
Connect the machine to a phone charger using the included USB cable. Using 1A charger or turning off the machine will increase the charging rate. The Charging Status Light remains ON while the battery is charging and it will turn OFF when the battery is fully charged. Charging current can be 500mA or 1A.

1. The video displayed is black-and-white:
Check whether the camera output is black-and-white (some cameras might automatically shift to black-and-white in low-light conditions)
2. Video display is abnormal:
Try resetting the machine.
Set the video format to AUTO.
3. No response when turned on:
Try charging the machine for 30 minutes, notice whether the Charging Status Light is on or not.
4. No channel can be received:
Install antennas, and move the monitor close to the 5.8 GHz transmitter.
Try searching channels manually.
5. No sound:
Try pressing the Mute button to turn on the sound.

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