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LiteBee Wing STEAM Education Drone (GITEKI Mark)

by LiteBee
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LiteBee Wing STEAM Education Drone 

LiteBee Wing Build ,code, fly

Inspired by the children’s favorite lego building activity, the LiteBee Wing is an educational coding drone to bring the thinking of every kid to fly. It provides kids comprehensive ability improvement in science, technology, engineering, programming, match and art through funny games and challenges.

Learn to write code
Kids could learn to code with scratch and control the drone by the code they wrote

Develop hands-on capacity
The drone is made up of building blocks, which is detachable for kids to build the drone themselves and study how to fly them

Inspire creative thinking
The open-source hardware and building blocks body provide more possibility of creation in terms of coding, molding

Package Included:
1*Education Drone
1*Charging Cable
1*Remote Control
1*Plastic Carrying Box
1*Charging stand
1*Buzzer Module
1*RGB light Module 
4*Spare Blades
1*Quick-release Blade Wrench
1*Friction Pin