STARTRC Colorful LED rope 75-80cm Landing Pad for DJI Mavic series Phantom series and Racing Drones

by StartRC
SKU 5648099

STARTRC Colorful LED rope 75-80cm landing pad for DJI Mavic series Phantom series and Racing Drones

Fast-Fold Landing Pad for Mavic Series/Phantom 4 series
High quality double stitched design for added durability
Protects drone from dirt, sand, rocks, mud, hot surfaces
Extra LED rope with seven different light colors makes the landing pad brighter
Waterproof material and light weight design

Light kits have 2 settings:
1.shaking: light color change by shaking your phone (The LED rope is controlled by APP on your phone);
2. Music notes: light color change by music.
The lights improve vision detail and clarity without shutting down your night vision pupil dilation.

1.Controlled by App
2.Multiple Color change and dynamic color change
3.Compatible with DM 40cm-80cm landing pad
4.Good helper for night flight landing
5.Easy to fasten or remove

1.Input Voltage: 100-240V/50-60HZ
2.Input power: <9w
3.Control distance: 0-15m
4.Weight: 222g
5.Power: No.5 (AA)Zn-Mn battery/ alkaline battery*4
Voltage: 1.2V /1.5V ( battery is not included)

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