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Wing FC-10 DOF Flight Control for Fixed Wing

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Wing FC-10 DOF flight control, fixed wing / flying wing traversing special high-performance flight control.

STM32F405 MCU, the refresh rate is up to 168MHz, integrated MPU9250 nine axis sensors (three axis gyroscope + three axis accelerometer + three axis electronic compass) and barometer, built-in electronic compass (Compass), only need external GPS, can achieve fixed point fixed height, one key return and equal work energy, with very fast reaction, more suitable for high-speed competition. Aerobatic flight.

Support INAV tuning to support OSD data return.
It has the function of partition board, and supports two simultaneous electrically adjustable output.

There are 4 PMW steering gear output to meet various fixed wing models.
It can connect to GPS and realize the function of positioning and returning. (GPS purchased separately).
Reserved BB ring interface, easy to achieve unlock, lock, search star, search and other prompts.
The built-in 5V/3A BEC output is convenient for power supply for all kinds of equipment.

Product specification:
Mounting:30.5 x 30.5mm,Φ4mm with Grommets Φ3mm
Dimensions:54 x 36 x 13 mm
MCU:168MHz STM32F405
IMU:MPU-9250 accelerometer/gyro/Compass (SPI)
Baro:BMP280 (I2C)
OSD:INAV OSD w/ AT7456E chip
VCP & 6x UARTs
2x Motors,4x Servos outputs
Built in inverter for RC input (UART3-RX)
TBS Receiver:UART5-RX

Default firmware:inav_1.9.0_FF_F35_LIGHTNING.HEX
Reference software:inav-configurator

Packing list:
Wing Fc-10 DOF FC 1 PCS
M3 Dumping Balls 4 PCS
XT-60 1 PCS
14 AWG Red 1 Line
14 AWG black 1 Line
2x Pins