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ZD Racing MX-07 1/7 SCALE 4WD Monster Truck 80km/H Brushless RC Car Roller/ARTR Version

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Original price $899.60
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Color: Colorful
Version: KIT(Without electric parts)
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ZD Racing MX-07 1/7 SCALE 4WD 80km/H Brushless RC Car with Rocket 150A brushless esc or Hobby wing EzRun MAX6 160A ESC.

ZD racing has been loved by domestic and foreign players since the 1/7 model was launched. The new model MX-07 launched today is a 1/7 scale violent super big foot newly created by the ZD racing professional team, which will be the first product of the new generation 1/7 platform. Compared with the previous 1/7 platform, both the structure and materials have been upgraded in an all-round way. Whether ZD racing can make more breakthroughs and bring a new experience to the majority of model friends, please wait and see!

The new MX-07 is available in two versions: RTR and empty frame: RTR power uses SURPASS 4292 1450Kv brushless motor, new Supersonic 150A brushless ESC, the original car configuration easily exceeds 80km/h. The newly developed all-steel gear 35KG steering gear, aluminum alloy front, middle and rear three differentials, and 4mm 7075 anodized hardened chassis provide a strong guarantee for the violent playability of the whole vehicle. Equipped with simulated headlights, turn signals, spotlights, high-mounted brake lights and taillights as standard, in addition to the on-vehicle control and linkage of the whole vehicle lighting system, it can also turn on, turn off and switch the lighting mode with one button, bringing a brand-new Fun to drive. The RTR uses a 2.4Ghz four-way remote.

The KIT version is more suitable for professional RC enthusiasts, allowing players to freely match the power system, bringing infinite possibilities!

The color of the car shell is available in Haoyue silver and dazzling colors.

ARTR Version 1:ESC is rocket 150a,motor and servo is rocket 4292 1450kv and 35kg.
ARTR Version 2:ESC is Hobbywing 160a,motor and servo is rocket 4292 1450kv and 35kg.
KIT Version:Without all the electronic parts,like motor,esc,servo and radio.

These 3 versions are all not include battery and charger.

Recommend Battery:5000MAH 11.1V 35C Rechargeable Battery(1 car should use 2 pcs of batteries)

Recommend Charger:B3 balance charger (European standard + American standard)

1.MX-07 is a 1/7th scale 4WD violent Monster truck newly created by the ZDracing professional team. Simulation design, lightweight structure, competition-grade materials, strong violence.
2.Equipped with simulated headlights, and taillights, super cool.
3.The cage-type super-tough roll cage protects the body in all directions while being more emulated. And there are extremely extreme off-road racing style cockpit interiors and various appearance simulation details.
4.Extremely aggressive all-terrain tires, the size reaches Ф188*102mm, the newly designed tread pattern has super grip performance, and can easily cope with any venue. The tire hub is fastened with screws instead of the traditional adhesive method, which is more stable.
5.The super front anti-collision design can effectively alleviate various impacts and protect the body. Tail head-up wheel design, easy head-up, somersault, a variety of fancy play.
6.Super power transmission system, MX07 uses a larger modulus and larger size differential gear, all-metal center difference, CNC chromium-molybdenum steel transmission gear, imported alloy steel connector dog, the whole vehicle thickened drive shaft, large-capacity avoidance Vibrator. The gearbox injection molded pre-embedded metal bearing seat is strengthened, which completely solves the virtual position of the gear caused by the deformation and wear of the plastic for a long time, and avoids violent tooth sweeping.

Product name: Monster Truck
Model number: MX-07
Model ratio: 1:7
Drive mode: 4WD (four-wheel drive)
Design speed: 80km/H
Reduction gear ratio 16.5:1
         Silver white

Power System

ARTR Version 1:(only esc is different)
ESC:Rocket 150A brushless esc(it can work with 6S battery)
Motor:Rocket 4292 1450kv brushless motor
Servo:35kg metal gear servo

Note:Rocket 150A brushless esc can't upgrade and can't replace motor with higher power,it can only use 6S battery,the discharge rate can't exceed 50C.

ARTR Version 2:(only esc is different)
ESC:Hobby wing EzRun MAX6 160A ESC(it can work with 8s battery)
Motor:Rocket 4292 1450kv brushless motor
Servo:35kg metal gear servo

KIT Version:Motor,esc and servo not included

Transmitter(Only ARTR Version include,KIT version not include)
Frequency: 2.4G
Remote Distance:350m
Required Battery:4X 1.5V AA battery(not included)

7075 Aluminum alloy ,CNC engraving
Tire hub fastened with screws
Roll cage + PVC body shell
KIT/RTR Net Weight:7.2KG/8KG
KIT/RTR Gross Weight:10KG/12KG

Car Size:700*510*310mm
Ground Clearance:90mm
Wheel: Ф188*102mm
Shock Absorber:Ф34*156mm
Box Size:680*520*330mm

Package Included:

ARTR Version:(battery and charger not include)
1X RC Car
1X Remote Controller
1X Manual

Kit Version:(Without all the electronic parts)
1X RC Car Frame(do not include motor,esc,servo,transmitter,battery and charger)
1X Manual


The ZD Racing MX-07 adopts a cage-type super tough roll cage, which protects the body in all directions and is more realistic. It is also equipped with a very off-road racing style cockpit interior and various exterior simulation details.
ZD Racing ZD-MX07

The ZD Racing MX-07 RTR vehicle weighs about 8.45KG and has a gear ratio of 1/16.5. It uses a thick double central axle support to replace the traditional strut, which saves more space and makes the overall layout more central, the center of gravity is lower, and the handling performance is better.
The bottom plate is made of 4mm-thick aluminum alloy 7075 T6, and CNC lightweight machining is anodized to achieve 1/5 the strength of the model.
The 6mm thick front and rear shock absorber plates are strengthened with triangular support inside, which is more resistant to impact.
Steering cup, motor seat, etc. are all made of aluminum alloy 6061 CNC.
The width of the battery compartment is 50mm, the length can be up to 155mm, the magic belt is fixed, the thickness is theoretically unlimited, and the ESC can accommodate Hobbywing MAX6.
The motor seat can be adapted to brushless motors with specifications such as 5295/1717.

The aggressive wheel and tire design of MX-07 adopts H17 adapter, and the super-sized tire reaches Ф188*102. The newly designed deep-tooth tread has super grip, which can easily deal with various terrains, and adopts a more reliable The locking and fixing method completely avoids the violent throwing of the tire skin.

Compared with the ZD racing1/7 platform, the MX-07 has undergone a comprehensive cross-level upgrade

The front, middle and rear three differentials are made of aluminum alloy casing, built-in CNC helical teeth of the same level, increase the modulus to M1.2, and widen the tooth width to provide a strong guarantee for violent players.

The fully upgraded front steering cup is fastened with Ф24*Ф15*5 oversized bearings and M5 high-strength screws, which greatly enhances the impact resistance and service life of the steering and transmission system. The former CVD completely solves the problem of the cross pin falling off due to long-term rotation and wear.

The lower swing arm that reaches 1/5 model level is made of super tough nylon material and has a stronger overall structure. The thickness is up to 14.3mm.

Large-capacity long-stroke dust-proof shock absorber, cross-class size, outer diameter up to Ф34mm

Thicker driveshaft and driveshaft pins

The whole car wheel axle is upgraded and strengthened, the outer diameter is thickened, and imported CR40 Luomo steel is used for quenching, tempering and hardening, with a hardness of more than HRC50 degrees.

The gear box is pre-embedded with metal bearing seat reinforcement, which completely solves the virtual position of the gear caused by deformation and wear caused by the long-term use of plastic, and avoids the problem of violent tooth sweeping.

Aluminium alloy with cooling trough center differential, the middle and rear axle adopts two-stage design, which completely solves the jitter and power loss caused by the excessively long middle and rear axle at extreme speed.

On-vehicle control linkage full vehicle lighting system