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RunCam Thumb Pro 4K Camera 16g

von RunCam
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Model: RunCam Thumb Pro + ND Filter Set
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The RunCam Thumb Pro 4K Camera is a high-performance action camera designed for capturing incredible footage of your adventures. With a compact and lightweight design that weighs only 16 grams, the camera can be easily mounted on various surfaces, making it perfect for use in FPV drone racing, outdoor sports, and other activities.

Featuring a 12MP Sony sensor, the RunCam Thumb Pro 4K Camera can record 4K videos at 30fps and take high-quality photos. With a wide-angle lens that provides a 150-degree field of view, the camera allows you to capture every detail of your surroundings, providing a broader perspective of your adventures.

The camera supports microSD cards up to 256GB in capacity, giving you plenty of space to store your footage. It also supports various video and photo modes, including time-lapse, slow-motion, and loop recording.

In addition, the camera features WiFi connectivity, allowing you to easily connect to your smartphone or tablet for live preview and easy sharing of your footage.

Overall, the RunCam Thumb Pro 4K Camera is a powerful and versatile camera that can help you capture stunning footage of your adventures. Whether you're a drone racer, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply looking for a high-performance action camera, the RunCam Thumb Pro 4K Camera is a great choice.

16g Ultra-light weight,suitable for 2.5" and 2" cinewhoop
Supporting GyroFlow,built-in gyro, perfectly output smooth and stabilized video
Support Shooting Horizontally and Vertically
Remote-control HD Recording

Model:Runcam Thumb Pro
Video Format:MP4
Communication Interface:Micro USB
Support Micro SD Card Capacity:256G Max
USB Power Input/Terminal Power Supply:DC 5.0V
Remote Control:Uart
Power Consumption:500mA@5V Max
Net Weight:16g

User Manual

Package Included:
1*Runcam Thumb Pro Camera