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Our Pilot Emerged 3rd Runner-up!

Our Pilot Emerged 3rd Runner-up!

Great news from the NUS Drone Club!

The NUS Drone Club recently sent a team of pilots to compete in the 10th anniversary of Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition, under the C2 Tiny Whoop Race category. Jointly organised by Science Centre Singapore and DSO National Laboratories.

We are pleased to announce that one of our pilots, Ma Zhengtian has emerged 3rd Runner-up in this heated race!

The club wishes to thank Makerfire for sponsoring competition quads, the brand new Armor 65 Plus, used by our pilots. Fitted with 716 17600KV motors, powered by 3.8V LiHv LiPo and transmitting video from a 800TVL camera, this is one ultra light quad that packs a strong punch and performance.

You may find more information on the quad here:

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