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Join the Makerfire Affiliate Program and Elevate Your RC Hobby Passion

Embrace Your Passion, Inspire Others, and Earn


Are you passionate about RC hobbies and eager to share this joy with others? We have the perfect opportunity for you. Join the Makerfire Affiliate Program and transform your enthusiasm into earnings.

Why Choose the Makerfire Affiliate Program?

  1. Attractive Commissions: We value your efforts! Earn a 3-5% commission on each sale made through your unique referral link.

  2. 30-Day Cookie Duration: Benefit from a 30-day cookie duration. This means you'll still earn a commission if a visitor makes a purchase within 30 days of their initial visit through your referral link.

  3. Access to Promotional Material: As an affiliate, you'll have access to our wide range of promotional materials including banners, images, and text links to facilitate your marketing efforts.

  4. Monthly Payouts: No need to wait endlessly for your earnings. We ensure timely monthly payments of your commission.

  5. An Expansive Product Range: With a variety of drones, FPV racing items, RC vehicles, and accessories, Makerfire has something for every RC hobby enthusiast. This vast selection increases the chances of successful conversions.

How It Works

Joining the Makerfire Affiliate Program is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Sign Up: Fill out our simple affiliate registration form. It's free to join, with no hidden costs or requirements.

  2. Promote: Leverage your social media channels, blog, or website to promote Makerfire products. Utilize our promotional materials and your unique referral link for effective promotion.

  3. Earn: Each time someone purchases a product through your referral link, you earn a 3-5% commission. It's that simple!

Join Us Today!