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DYS Mini F4 AIO Flight Controller 20*20mm(US Warehouse)

par DYS
UGC 4614305
Prix d'origine $39.99
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Prix d'origine $39.99
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Prix actuel $34.66
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DYS Mini F4 AIO Flight Controller 20*20mm

The DYS MINI F4 flight controller is high performance and designed for FPV hobbyists. It comes with an integrated OSD, current meter, voltmeter and built-in high power BEC. The DYS MINI F4 can meet all the functions you need including FPV racing, aerobatic flight and aerial photography.

Betaflight firmware
DYS F4 PRO firmware can be used.
STM32F405 master with higher refresh rate and more function ports.
Six-layer PCB board and 3OZ cooper to enhance the over-current and heat dissipation.
Six axis senor MPU600 connects by SPI.
Compatible all split-type escs.
Microcontroller controls OSD chip through SPI bus DMS mode and faster speed.
Support BF setting software to flash and debug OSD.
5V power supply max up to 2A.
Use remote control to view flight control parameter through OSD.
Support SAMRT AUDIO, IRC TARAMP agreement, adjust the VTX frequency and power etc by flight control (will support DYS new VTX).
Comes with heat resistance damping ball to upgrade the stability and operation.
2-4s lipo input support, with the anti-ignition function TVS device.

Package Included:
1*DYS Mini F4 AIO Flight Controller