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Flywoo Explorer LR HD 4'' Micro Long Range FPV Ultralight Quad without Caddx Vista HD System


UGC 6604308
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Flywoo Explorer LR HD 4'' Micro Long Range FPV Ultralight Quad without Caddx Vista HD System

Equipped with GPS, Crossfire and an independent model finder
GOKU 16x16 stack
New 2750kV 1404 motors
Flight times over ten minutes on a regular 850mah 4S LiPo battery are easily achievable!
Incredibly quiet

Highlights & Specification:
Motor:NIN 1404 V2 2750KV Motor
GPS:Goke GPS Mini V1.0,More details,Please click here.
5.8G LHCP Antenna
Propeller:Gemfan 4024 propeller
Battery:Recommend 850mah 4S LiPo battery(not include),please click here

GOKU F411 Micro Stack- F4 OSD Flight Controller
Brand Name: Flywoo
Model: GOKU F411 FC
MCU: STM32F411
IMU: MPU6000 gyro/accelerometer (SPI)
OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip
Baro: no
black box: 8M
LED: 8*WS2812
BEC Output: 5V@2A
Integrated LC Filter
Firmware target: FLYWOOF411
Size: 24×24mm board,16mm mounting holes (M3)
Weight: 2.6g

Brand Name: Flywoo
Continuous current: 13A
Input:2-4s lipo
Supports Dshot600 ,Oneshot,Multishot
Size: 24×24mm board,16mm mounting holes (M3)
Weight: 2.6g

VTX & Camera
NOT Included VTX & FPV Camera in package

NIN 1404 V2 2750KV Motor
Brand Name: FLYWOO
Model: NIN 1404
Item Name: 1404 2750KV 4-6S Brushless Motor
Color: Titanium
Input Voltage: 4-6S
Stator diameter: 14mm
Stator height: 4mm
KV: 2750KV
Shaft size: M1.5

Gemfan 4024 Propeller
Brand Name: Gemfan
Item Name: 4024 4x2.4 4 Inch Propeller
Quantity: 2CW & 2CCW

Flywoo Finder v1.0 how to work?
1.Flywoo Finder v1.0 can power itself to beep and LED light to flash even the quad battery has been ejected.
2.Fingder v1.0 can work for 4-5 hours.
3.Press the button for 3 seconds to close it

Flywoo Goke GPS Mini V1.0 rescue function how to work  ? 
1. Before disarm, GPS must search for more than 5 satellites to lock the home position.
2. After disarm, observe the OSD data during the flight, and the rescue function can work normally only if the distance exceeds 100 m. Otherwise, the quad will crash.
3. If the remote control suddenly loses signal, the GPS rescue function will work automatically and return to the home position. (Set the AUX of GPS rescue mode in betaflight Failsafe, the default is AUX3 2000)

Package Included:
Explore.LR 4' frame*1
Nin 1404 v2 Motor*4 


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