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Happymodel 2.4g ExpressLRS ELRS TX Module ES24TX-Lite for T-lite

UGC 6766695
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$9.99 - $51.71
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Option: ELRS TX Module
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Happymodel 2.4g ExpressLRS ELRS TX module ES24TX-Lite for T-lite

Specific Lite 2.4GHz ExpressLRS TX module for Jumper T-lite is coming out now.
This Lite TX module is designed by Happymodel and based on the open source- ExpressLRS which is a very popular low latency and high re-flashed rate RF module for RC Airplane and FPV Racing. Its main hardware architecture is ESP32, ESP8285 and SX1280 RF chip. The ES24TX –Lite module is a complete solution which is already pre-load the Expresslrs firmware and it’s plug and play for Jumper T-lite.
This Lite TX module come with CNC Aluminum alloy case which could help the module to dissipate heat under high power conditions.
Due to the power supply defect of T-lite with external high power TX module, we provide a power module to ensure that the TX module can work stably under high power conditions.

How to Setup ExpressLRS Happymodel 2.4GHz TX and RX?

Regulatory Domain: ISM2400
MCU:ESP32(main),ESP8285(aux,as espbackpack)
RF chip:SX1280IMLTRT
JR standard 5pin socket
Frequency Range:2400 MHz to 2500 MHz
Maximum receive refresh rate:500Hz
Minimum receiver refresh rate:25Hz
RF Output Power:10dBm~24dBm
Power supply voltage:3v~4.5v
Weight:7.5gram(without antenna and case)
Dimension:57mm*27mm*12mm(Without CNC case)
Antenna gain:1.87dBi

Package included:
T_Lite EXTCONV power module*1
24TX80 antenna*1
CNC Aluminum alloy case*1
Antenna adapter cable*1
Connection wire*1 set

Since the official ExpressLRS perfect program has not been released yet, our pre-installed program is a beta version, because there are too many types of beta version programs , so you can download the out of factory firmware from our website. There are two kinds out of factory firmware of ES24TX-Lite, one is to match Happymodel PP RX receiver (program version identification code 6cb8152d) and the other is to match Happymodel EP1 and EP2 RX receivers (program version identification code aec8ad82), The default factory firmware is aec8ad82 which matching EP1 and EP2 RX

You can download the firmware from our website, and then update the firmware via connect the Wifi hot spot of the ES24TX,visit “” by browser (password:expresslrs)

Quick assemble guide: