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USB Load Tester 150W 200V 20A Resistor Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Tester

par Makerfire
UGC 5138819
Prix d'origine $49.99
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Prix d'origine $49.99
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Prix actuel $40.99
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USB Load Tester 150W 200V 20A Resistor Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Tester Battery Capacity Tester Module Intelligent Discharge Resistance Power Tester

Input Interface / Output Interface: 100A High Current Bite Screw Stud
Voltage measurement range: 0.00V ~ 200V, resolution accuracy: 0.01V
Current measurement range: 0.00A ~ 20A, resolution accuracy: 0.01A
Capacity accumulation range: 0 ~ 999.999Ah, resolution accuracy: 0.01Ah
Power accumulation range: 0 ~ 9999.9Wh, resolution accuracy: 0.01Wh
Power measurement range: 0000.00 ~ 150W, resolution accuracy: 0.01W
Impedance measurement range: 1 ~ 999.9 Europe, resolution accuracy: 0.01 Europe
Temperature measurement range: 0 ~ 99 ℃, resolution accuracy: 1 ℃
Timing maximum time: 999 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, resolution accuracy: 1 second
Timing measurement reminder settings: countdown 24 hours any set value, small current standby to remind the threshold parameters and timing: <2W / 0.5 hours; > 0.5W began timing 4 ~ 30V range of DC voltage to the measurement system power supply
Refresh time: > 500mS / times
Measurement rate: about 0.5 times / sec
Overvoltage overcurrent set the alarm mode: show alert interface to remind the user
Overpressure reminder setting range: 1 ~ 200V
Low voltage reminder setting range: 0 ~ 190V
Overflow reminder set range: 0.2 ~ 100A
Display type: Micropower LCD Module LCM Black Font Green Backlit Chinese & English Display
Product size: 156mm * 96mm * 58mm
Operating temperature: -10 ~ +60 ℃
Working humidity: 10 ~ 80 (no doubt)
Working pressure: 80 ~ 106kPa

Exceeding the specified power will burn the product.

When the high-voltage battery and large-scale power supply are tested, the two current knobs must be adjusted counterclockwise to a minimum of zero before they are used. After connecting, priority is given to adjusting the current knob slowly according to the display current power. Big tune is full, so there is a huge risk that instantaneous power will cause the load to burn out the discharge tube. Please pay special attention to this point when using it. Thank you!