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Happymodel ES24TX Pro Micro ExpressLRS ELRS TX Module

UGC 6897225
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The ES24TX Pro Micro ExpressLRS TX module is an upgrade version of the ES24TX module.
Max output up to 1000mw, reserved Cooling Fan, and RGB LED module. This Micro TX module supports most of the OpenTX radio transmitters with Micro JR bay. And this time the ES24TX Pro module comes completely assembled before out of the factory.

Regulatory Domain: ISM2400
MCU:ESP32(main),ESP8285(aux,as espbackpack)
RF chip: SX1281IMLTRT
JR standard 5pin socket
Frequency Range: 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz
Maximum receive refresh rate: 500Hz
Minimum receiver refresh rate: 25Hz
RF Output Power: >30dBm
Power supply voltage: 5v~10v
Weight: 51gram(without antenna)
Dimension: 70mm*49mm*32.5mm
Antenna gain: 4.18dBi
Firmware target: HappyModel_ES24TX_Pro_Series_2400_TX

Package include:
ES24TX Pro Micro TX module *1
Happymodel 2.4GHz Moxon antenna *1