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SKYRC GSM020 GNSS Performance Analyzer Power Bluetooth APP GPS Speed Meter for RC Car Helicopter

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Prove anywhere and anytime with your smartphone how fast your RC car, plane or helicopter really is. With this small device, SKYRC gives the speed and other parameters directly to your Smartphone. Simply download the app, attach the Performance Analyzer and you are ready to go!

The popularity of Global Navigation Satelite System devices inspired SkyRC to design this gadget at about 38g. The Speed Meter is the result of SkyRCs ongoing development efforts, boasting an ultra compact GPS module with hidden antenna design, the high-sensitivity GPS receiver chip can do quick positioning, a robust controller IC to keep recording speed and altitude in real time. The collected data gets transfered to your Phone with the next Blutooth connection.

This gadget is ideal for RC racing/flying and casual biking, driving and long journey. The user is able to easily get insights of the Acceleration, G-force, Speed, Time, Distance, High and Vertical Speed. So this is the perfect tool to become a top driver or pilot!

GNSS Performance Analyzer(GSM020) allows you to measure and analyze many aspects of your RC car & airplane's performance using the latest GNSS engine (GPS, GLONASS) which gives you Acceleration, G-force, Speed, Time, Distance, High and Vertical Speed.

1.3 different Modes for every opportunity (Drag Race, Track Race, Flying Mode)
2.Built-in 1M flash (for up to 50 data records)
3.Built-in rechargeable, LiPo bettery 200mAh (for more than 5 hours)
4.In the App recorded data turns into useful analysis
5.GPS Coordinator
6.Support both Metric and Imperial system of measurements
7.Free App is compatible with iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 (or above)

Name:GNSS Performance Analyzer
3 Modes :Drag Race/Track Race/Flying Mode
Receiver: L1, 1575.42 MHz
Update frequency:10 Hz
Sensitivity of satellite signal reception: -167dBm
Operating temperature: 0 ° to + 40 °
Temperature at rest: -10 ° to + 70 °
Operating mode humidity: 5% to 90%
Case Size: 40 x 39 x 16mm
Weight: 38g

Package Included:
1X SKYRC GNSS Performance Analyzer