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RadioMaster MT12 Surface Radio Controller 2.4GHz ELRS/4-in-1 Multi-protocol 16CH Open Source EDGETX System Transmitter

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Version: FCC Version
Receiver: ExpressLRS MT12+ER3C-I Receiver
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RadioMaster MT12 Surface Radio Controller 2.4GHz ELRS/4-in-1 Multi-protocol 16CH Open Source EDGETX System Transmitter

The RadioMaster MT12 is a pioneering open-source surface radio, and the first surface radio officially supported by EdgeTX, ExpressLRS, and the Multi-module project. Boasting 10 physical inputs and the capability to handle either 16 or 32 channels*, the MT12 is primed for a wide array of surface models, from cars and trucks to boats and beyond. Featuring extensive customizability and a versatile operating system, the MT12 stands out as a highly configurable surface radio, prepared to excel in virtually any scenario.

Available with built-in ExpressLRS or 4in1 MPM RF modules
Featuring a powerful STM32F407VGT6 with 1MB Flash
Preinstalled EdgeTX firmware
QC3.0 fast charging supporting 2.0A MAX
Compact design with excellent ergonomics
Oversized battery compartment - 2 x 18650 cells or a 2s 7.4v 5000mah battery pack (Batteries not included)
Standard Nano module compartment
RadioMaster standardized button layout
Rotatable antenna
Customizable base switches or 4 way joystick included

32 channels requires a 4in1 radio and additional 4in1 RF module along with compatible receivers

R85C Receiver Specification:
Item: R85C Receiver
Power supply: DC 4.5 -8.4V
Frequency range: 2400-2483.5Mhz
Support protocol: D8/D16/SFHSS
Output channel: 5CH PWM
Antenna type: High-sensitivity 2.4G antenna
Telemetry power: 100mW/20dBm
Weight: 5.70g
Dimensions: 31.00*18.50*13.00mm

ER3C-i Receiver Specification:
Item: ER3C-i 2.4GHZ ELRS PWM Receiver
Power supply: DC 4.5-8.4V
Antenna type: Built-in high-sensitivity ceramic antenna
Wireless protocol: ExpressLRS 3.3.0 pre-installed
Output channel: 3CH PWM
Telemetry power: 10mW
Battery voltage detection range: DC 4.0-35V
Weight: 4.2g
Dimensions: 26.1*18.5*13.0mm
Firmware: Device Category: Radiomaster 2.4Ghz/ Device: RadioMaster ER3C-i

EdgeTX Operating System
Preinstalled with EdgeTX, the MT12 has cutting edge software fit for its class-leading hardware. RadioMaster works closely with the EdgeTX team to develop new features and optimize the user experience for surface models. We will continue to contribute and support projects like EdgeTX, ensuring the concepts of open standards are carried forward.
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Available with ExpressLRS and 4in1 Version
In addition to the popular internal 4-in-1 Multi-module, the MT12 is also available with an internal 2.4GHz ExpressLRS (ELRS) module. Designed to provide reliable long-distance control, super low latency, and high refresh rates. ELRS is a revolutionary open-source protocol taking the R/C industry by storm.

ExpressLRS supports ultra-fast response modes for seat of your pants racing or super long range modes for pushing the limits of your adventures.
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One remote control all of your cars. The 4in1 internal RF system has protocols, for many popular brands of cars and receivers. 
Click here to visit the list of supported protocols

Package Included:
1x MT12 remote control 4in1 OR ELRS Version (Optional)
1x R85C or ER3C-i receiver
1x 18650 battery box
1x switch expansion module
1x Joystick expansion module
1x Nano External TX Module Adapter Set
1x Genuine leather wrist strap
1x USB-C Data Cable
1x MT12 Carrying Case
1x MT12 Screen Protector
1x RadioMaster Sticker
1x Quick Guide